Andez 2

One hot day, Ban and I was circling around, in his car, trying to find space to park and have lunch at our usual chapfan shop. Alas, despite 3 rounds, no space was found.

At this point, usually we would park back at his place and then walk to lunch. However, it was hot and I was hungry and so I suggested going to Andez, which Ban readily agreed. I had a hunch that they might have set lunch since their old management had it.

And it was true: their set lunch was RM 12 all-in (i.e. about RM 10.91++), consisting a meal and a glass of ice lemon tea. Guessing that the set lunch would be of smaller portion, Ban decided to order their spaghetti pork bolognaise again. I ordered from their list of lunch sets the Signature Butter Rice with Thai Style Dory:

Andez 2

Andez 3

It would seem the portion did befit the price but with an ice lemon tea thrown in for free. So it was still a value meal. Hmmm I wonder whether they have a fully-priced version of this dish and how it would differ.

The rice was hardly oily but discernibly tasty. The fish was soft, fresh and juicy! Yum! But where was the "Thai Style"? Could it just be the Thai sweet chilli sauce? Also, they could have given more vegetables. Maybe at least 2 more slices of cucumber.

Ban's bolognaise was still as good as previously. I suspect he'll order that again in future :) Hopefully he'll try something new though.

Despite a busy lunch hour, the food were overall good - a hallmark of a good restaurant. The only downside, a minor one, was that they ran out of ice - on a hot day lol. Upon my request, they filled our drinks with ice once it was available.

Definitely will go there again :)

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