Warband: again soon?

Warband 14

Warband 15

Warband 16

I chanced upon these screenshots in my Temp folder and thought they looked beautiful to be posted. Turned out that I had already posted it here lol. Ooooh they should look even better with my newer laptop that I bought 2 months after that post.

Yes, I'm thinking of continuing the campaign of upgrading Galadriel from "Queen of Kelethin" to "Queen of Caladria" :)

Offhand, I remember the biggest threat was the Nords and that I had to reload a game due to a crushing defeat to them. Hmmm.

So yah, I think I'll load this soon. Currently I'm playing Duel of Champions and occasionally Guild Wars 2, Defense Grid 2 and Dungeon Defenders.

Perhaps after I finish my current actuarial project? Hmmm.
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