The Rise and Rise of Galadriel: Part 3

Previous two posts were on the strategic part of Mount & Blade: Warband. This post is about its tactical part, which is chiefly used on a battlefield and during sieges.

Warband 5

Oh yes, having a shield is so useful, especially against range attack. For melee attack, you still have the option to parry.

Warband 6

My calvaries at the back, my crossbowmen in the middle and...

Warband 7 infantries at the front. I generally aimed to have Swadian Knights, Rhodok Sharpshooters and Nord Hurscals. I need to be careful because that means my troop suffers from negative morale if we attack Swadia, Rhodok and Nord respectively for each type of unit. Now that Rhodok is no more, it's a non-issue for the sharpshooters.

Later, I changed my tactic a little: if I'm just aiming to defeat enemies on the field, I'll bring only calvary units as they are clearly superior against other units on the battlefield. If I aim to conquer castles or towns, I'll bring archery and infantry units. Of course, it's not always possible and practical to do this, especially if the holdings of interest are far away and also if enemy interrupts siege and commences battle on the battlefield. So lately, I've been running around with lots of Swadian Knights and mercenary calvary (both are capable infantry units off their horses) and some infantry and crossbowmen. This way, on the battelfield, I have more than enough mounted units to run down the enemies and yet during sieges, I can co-opt the calvary units as infantry without much loss of power.

Warband 8

My fearsome all calvary units in action :) If you look carefully, you'll see a Sword Sister (elaborated later) there running on foot.

Warband 9

Ah, the infamous Sword Sister. It is difficult to train this unit from its starting level: Peasant Woman. There are only two ways to 'recruit' Peasant Woman, One way is to raid villages, hoping to capture such unit as prisoners and then recruit them. Your existing troop will probably suffer negative morale for recruiting them, as with any other recruitment among prisoners. Second way is to defeat enemies carrying such prisoners and then you recruit these rescued prisoners, which then means no negative morale.

Given that I have distaste for raiding villages, I only use the second method. Up until she becomes a Sword Sister, she's generally quite weak, wearing cloth armour until the final upgrade where then she'll wear plate armour. Sword Sister is the only unit in the entire universe of Caladria to wear such armour.

Not only she has the best armour, she's the only unit who can either be a calvary unit (this is her default), infantry or archery unit (when she's off her horse) depending on the situation.

Warband 10

She, however, has a great weakness...

Warband 11

...that is, half of the time, she doesn't wear her helmet! That exposes her to sometimes fatal shot. Gah.

Warband 12

Warband 13

The expansion Warband introduces the Sarranid Sultanate, which is situated in vast area of desert. Definitely a boon for calvary units but not for others as they can't mingle around trees (except where there are oasis) to break the speed of calvary and then to overcome them.
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