Cigarette butt

In our favourite chapfan shop...

I told Ban that I suspected that the man, sitting at a table nearby, just threw a cigarette butt on the floor. One minute I saw him smoking and the next he was without it but a cigarette butt rolled from his table towards us.

Ban took a look at the butt, then the man and then looked around the shop. He walked up to a table nearby, took an ashtray, picked up and placed the butt in the ashtray, and then placed it on the table next to the man with a heavy thud.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the man and the people he was talking with looked towards the noise but went back to their conversation.


As for the man, it was really inconsiderate of him for not using the ashtray when it was nearby and not used. There were a few ashtrays at the shop.

Sadly, he was not the only inconsiderate fool. This occurred rather frequently. The shopkeepers tried to encourage them to use the ashtrays by placing them at where the smokers were smoking but when things get busy, the shopkeepers wouldn't have time to do that.

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