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I definitely purchased the Groupon voucher at a significant discount since its worth was RM130. Likely it was about 50%, shared with Ban. It consisted of a starter, main dish and dessert for each person.

It turned out to be a great gastronomic fine-dining experience. Yes, the original price was also gastronomically high lol.

House 1

House 2

Drinks were not included and so since I already enjoyed much discount on the food, I decided to splurge a little by ordering carrot juice with additional request for milk. Ban had orange juice. Both were good although on hindsight I should have ordered without ice. The juice was about RM9++ each.

House 3

Salad was good although they didn't follow my instruction of having dressing on the side. The most delicious part of the salad, upon query (I didn't know what it was), turned out to be the fried turkey bacon. Surprisingly, there were also quail eggs in it. Interesting, isn't it?

House 4

House 5

The risotto (my first one ever!) with truffle and asparagus was tasty, with tinge of pepper. It was very filling, despite the absence of meat.

House 6

Ban had the salmon steak. The salmon was juicy and retained much of its natural flavour (as it should). I happily accepted Ban's offer of the crispy skin (he doesn't eat skin...of any meat!). Every inch of it was crispy, with the right saltiness. The presentation was definitely fitting for a fine-dining restaurant.

House 7

I like the twist in this dessert: sago with gula melaka but with vanilla ice-cream (instead of coconut milk) in a cup. It was rich and delicious but unfortunately, we didn't realise until too late that all the sugar was at the top. It didn't flow down to the bottom.

We also had creme brulee, which evidently I either forgot to take photo of or misplaced the photo. Gah. It had bitter top crust with really rich custard underneath. It went well with the cracker provided.

Will I go there again? At its original price, I probably prefer fine-dining at a Japanese restaurant. I'll definitely be back if there's good discount again.

Update: It was brought to my attention that I neglected to mention the other starter, which was minestrone soup for Ban. I probably forgot to take photo of it (either that or the gremlin photo took it). He finished it, especially since it was tomato-based.
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