The Rise and Rise of Galadriel: Part 2

I couldn't resist but capture the castle nearest to Veluca i.e. Grunwalder Castle.

Warband 0

Yes, I (red) was surrounded by Rhodok holdings (green) and bordered with Sarranid (yellow) to the south and Khergit to the east but I didn't have quarrels with Khergit (purple) though.

My main problem was attracting other lords to defect to me. I didn't want lords who were sadistic and quarrelsome, which left me the choice of good-natured (most difficult to attract), upstanding (second most difficult) and martial. It took me very long time and much persuasion to finally have other lords, which I later realised one reason why: I was too quick to award newly conquered holdings to my existing lords. Leaving holdings unassigned increases the chance of attracting lords of other kingdoms to defect.

Warband 1

Warband 2

Conquered Uxkhal, which was originally a Swadian town and so gave Swadia more reasons to declare war on me. Also, managed to capture Ergellon Castle and persuaded 3 lords to defect. Oh, I changed the title "Lord" to "Councillor" as I like Ymira's idea (she was one of my 8 companions) of a council.

The following maps showed the extent of Kingdom of Kelethin after just more than a year after the rebellion:

Warband 4

Warband 3

I didn't want to conquer Dhirim, not then at least, because of its central location and overlapping claims by various kingdoms but my councillors, led by my appointed marshall, had other ideas. Gah. On the other hand, I got lucky because a Swadian lord with an existing castle (Senuzgda Castle) defected to me and it was just next to Dhirim.

As shown above, more castles were added in addition of the Sarranid town of Shariz.

Sometime later, I told Ban that I forsee the emergence of 3 strong kingdoms: Khergit (purple), Nord (blue) and Kelethin (red). Coincidentally all these 3 kingdoms had not directly declared war on each other.

The latest update is that I eliminated the Rhodoks, which was never my intention. I just wanted to crush them badly enough that they would ask for peace but noooooo those stubborn fools would rather lose than to ask for peace. Goodness.

The Swadians are holding on to their one and only holding (with 4 associated villages) i.e. Praven. They did manage to recapture Tevarin Castle back from me but I got it back without a sweat as their 40 troop surrendered to my 160 troop without a fight.

Also, Kelethin added a few more Sarranid and Swadian holdings and one Vaegir holding. By far, the most dangerous rival currently is Nord, which had taken some Swadian and Vaegirs holdings. The Khergit is in a tug-o-war with the Sarranid over a Sarranid town and a castle but it managed to conquer some Vaegir holdings.

Looks like my prediction of 3 kingdoms is coming true.

(to be continued)
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  1. Ban Says:

    Nords being super strong isn't as bad as Rhodoks, but they're going to be tough to put down.