Swimming in KL

There's swimming pool at Ban's place. Ever since I moved in 3 years ago, I had been meaning to try swimming there but there were always reasons/excuses not too:

  • Too crowded, especially between 4.30pm and my usually dinner time of 6pm+, and during weekend
  • Too hot i.e. 11am until 4pm
  • Woke up late and so it was too hot to swim
  • Wanted to have breakfast first and time to digest. Too late to swim after that because it was too hot
  • Too cold because it rained. The water certainly felt cold
  • Work
  • Just plain lazy :P
Recently, finally I swam for the first time here (and first time since I swam in OZ in Jan/Feb) and did it again a few days later after that.

Swam around 11am+. To stave off great hunger right after the swim, I had half glass of milk before the first swim and half piece of biscuit before the second swim. Had oatmeal after each swim.

The pool's water temperature was fine by me. Just nice. In fact, the short light shower I had before going into the pool was colder lol. Maybe that helped. It was particularly windy though during my second swim.

There wasn't anybody else for both times (weekdays) and so I had the luxury of uninterrupted laps. Great.

Hope to swim more often. I need to get up earlier so as to avoid searing sun.
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