Plan B and Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul @ Paradigm Mall

Odd name for a restaurant, isn't it? The waitress there didn't know what plan A was and why the name Plan B. I urged her to ask her boss :P

Plan B 1

It used to be that for such restaurant, plain water was free but nowadays, more and more restaurants are charging for water. Plan B still does not charge for it.

Plan B 2

Plan B 3

Ban had the Teriyaki Salmon Soba (RM58++). Yes, trust me, the salmon was in there...somewhere. Ban said it was not bad and not too oily. The salmon was seared properly i.e. there was still some raw bit, rather than thoroughly cooked. The soba and vegetables were well cooked.

Plan B 4

Plan B 5

Plan B 6

I had the Pho Bo (RM22++). Its broth was light in taste, which was what I wanted that night. Noodle was smooth and round, similar to the one used for Seremban Beef Noodle (if I didn't get it mixed up with some other noodle lol). The sliced beef was thoroughly cooked and the beef balls were tasty. Overall, all the ingredient mixed well with the broth. The only odd one out was the sauce given: it was spicy and sour. Definitely not something I like.

Pg Rd Famous Teochew Chendul @Paradigm

After dinner, I tried the chendol at the newly opened Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul. I have seen this franchise in Penang but have not tried it there. I've had really delicious Teochew chendol in Penang, at an old coffeeshop packed with people.

This chendol was tasty...and unfortunately, that was its only good point. Its ice was slightly chunky, It was short in ingredient and even then there was a few strands of hard chendol. Goodness. They should have reduced the amount of ice (so that the amount of ingredient looks appropriate) and charge cheaper than its current price of RM4.90. Redonkulous (tm).
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