The Rise and Rise of Galadriel: Part 1

Inspired by Ban's attempt (and he succeeded in conquering all of Caladria), I started a new game where my main objective is to establish my own kingdom.

Normally, in any game, I usually play a male character. However, I found out that in this game, a female character as an additional means of establishing kingdom: married a lord of an existing kingdom and the persuade him to rebel. The advantage here, as compared to what Ban did as a male character, is that the female character, together with her husband, gets to keep whatever castles or towns they're holding.

So I did that and instead of choosing my husband as the ruler of this new kingdom, I chose myself as the rightful queen of Caladria hehehe. Oh, and my character's name is Galadriel :P Coincidentally, I was randomly given the looks of a blonde.

At first, I was in service of the Swadian king but they were crushing the Rhodoks all too fast and so I switched to the latter. I sieged and was awarded Weyyah Castle, a castle that was claimed by both the Rhodok and the Sarranid - not an ideal holding. Next, I was lucky to persuade the Rhodok king to award the town of Veluca to me, despite having not participated in its conquest (or rather, recaptured from Swadia).

Rhodok went on a conquest spree in Swadia and wanted to do so in Sarranid land too. In many cases, due to my good relationship with many Rhodok lords, I managed to sabotage the marshall's plan of conquest by persuading the lords to go elsewhere instead of following the marshall to siege castles/towns. Hehehe. It's funny to hear my colleagues complaining about the marshall bringing them to "disaster" when they were talking to the saboteur :P

However, there was only so much a gal could do. So, when they decided to siege one of the two (or three) remaining towns of Swadia, I decided to strike it out on my own. It was easy to persuade my husband to rebel as he had bad relationship with the king, despite being a good-natured person. He was awarded only 2 villages (which he couldn't keep once he rebelled), despite getting the most votes among the lords for award of towns and castles.

So the scariest stage began: my kingdom, Kingdom of Kelethin (a tribute to Everquest), had only Veluca town (with its associated 4 villages) and Weyyah Castle (with its associated 1 village) with only my husband and I defending these from angry Rhodoks and soon enough the Sarranids who would love to get back Weyyah Castle. Swadia too had reasons to declare war on me to reclaim Veluca - a Rhodok town that they held briefly. The only reprieve I had was that Rhodok and Swadia were at war with each other, due to the timing of my rebellion.

(to be continued)
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