Mount & Blade: Warband

Currently, Ban and I are playing this. He first played this a year ago while I played the basic version then (didn't have this expansion).

The usual way of playing this game is to be a vassal in a kingdom and then fight to expand that kingdom. Naturally you will want to be friendly with the king and your fellow colleagues so as to be awarded as many towns/castles/villages as possible as that, among other things, contributes to your score.

Ban is taking the more difficult path: establishing his own kingdom. After he maxed out this chumminess with his king, he requested to be let off his oath of allegiance i.e. no longer a vassal of the kingdom. That also meant that he was stripped off whatever holdings he had (2 villages).

Then, on his own, he conquered a town of another kingdom and thus establishing his own kingdom: Bunny Utopia lol.

The first few weeks were very tough as he was attacked by that kingdom as well as other kingdoms who probably thought he could be beaten easily. Despite trying very hard, he had to employ some bunny magic (i.e. temporarily toned down the difficulty) to stave off the first two huge attack. Otherwise, he has been playing at the highest difficulty.

He is now a proud ruler of a kingdom with 4 towns, a few castles and several villages. Almost everyday there is a lord defecting to his kingdom but alas not all are good as some are quarrelsome while others are pitiless. Fortunately he has a choice to not accept such lords.

As for me, I'll blog about it in another post.
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