Authentic curry laksa instant noodle found here!

About 7 months ago, I blogged about this delicious curry laksa instant noodle that my sister in Australia bought that tasted like the real deal. Lo behold I chanced upon it here in KL at a Jaya Grocer store!

Curry laksa Jaya Grocer 1

Curry laksa Jaya Grocer 2

Yes, the name is different ("Laksa" instead of "Curry") but everything else looks the same. The ingredient of its paste looks similar though admittedly I didn't remember the details.

Although its price of AUD2.80 is viable in Canberra given that you can only get such authentic tasting laksa at a restaurant for, say, about AUD14 (though with portion about twice of the instant noodle and with ingredients), the price of RM7.50 in KL is too expensive since we can get freshly cooked laksa noodle for about RM5, with ingredients, So I'm not sure how long more Jaya Grocer will keep it in stock.