Ban is lactose intolerant and also he can't have too much oil, especially non-olive oil. Chocolate ice-cream is a forbidden love to him. So it's not entirely surprising that he tends to stick to food that he tried before. Most food is at best "not bad" to him.

As mentioned in a previous post, Ban gamely agreed to my plan of trying out a new eatery (or new food) once a week. As expected, there have been hits and misses but I believed this experience is good for the brain regardless.

One great outcome of that plan is this particular gem he found at Tropicana City Mall's Sushi Tei: Nameko Sansai Hiyashi Cha Soba. He tried it at another branch (can't remember which one) but not as good as that at Tropicana.

He loves it so much that since I have this plan of trying out new eatery once a week, he gets to have this dish once a week. He need not have to do that for I gladly would have agreed without argument for it's truly rare for him to have food he loves.

Hope Sushi Tei maintains the noodle dish quality at the very least :)

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