Haze begone

This was the worst haze situation I had ever been.

At first I thought I could go without a mask. A surgical mask is uncomfortable to wear. However, the smell of smoke was unbearable and so I had to search for a mask. By then, masks were sold out at most shops. In the end, Ban and I found a pharmacy that sold the normal puffy mask that filtered dusk and the likes but not bacteria. Bought a bunch for his family too.

I was pleasantly surprised that the mask wasn't uncomfortable to wear and it worked well. Even at its worst (think nearly 200 psi in KL), there was only a hint of smell of smoke with the mask on.

As an aside, we counted about 19 mozzies on our insect screen. They were so desperate to escape the haze too, huh?

When it got to its worst, Ban and I seriously considered visiting my sister in Penang, where the air quality was one notch better than KL's. Made arrangement with my sister to drive over in a few days time.

In the meantime, Ban decided to buy an air purifier despite knowing that the price had probably increased significantly. As expected, it was sold out at a few places before we visited Home Fix DIY. Ban bought a Bionaire air purifier that doesn't need to change filter(s) regularly but just need to clean it. It even has a sensor to let us know when to clean it. Cool, eh?

The air purifier truly did wonders to the air quality within the house. I could finally switch back to fan from aircon. After a couple of days, the haze cleared up significantly and so we canceled our trip to Penang.

One last night: Indonesian government's defensive reaction to its neighbours' complaints about the haze originating from their forest fire is childish. Buck up!
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