Sushi Tei: Hokkaido Hairy Crab

Sushi Tei crab, originally uploaded by Jaded Jeremy.

Yes, it was really hairy lol. I wouldn't normally order crab because it takes too much effort to dig out its flesh. Too much for too little.

However, to my surprise, on that day, Ban decided (on his own! wahhhhhh) to try something totally new and out there. So he ordered this from their (presumedly) seasonable menu.

As you can tell (look at the spoon), it was a pretty small crab. Its legs, however, were meaty enough to warrant the effort. Unfortunately, there were sharp thorn-like shell on its legs.

It was appropriately 'slashed' at several places when served to us. However, it would have been better if they had provided the cracker too so that we could better handle the sharp legs. The digging utensil was very useful.

Its meat was sweet and refreshing. Clean and delicious - something that both Ban and I appreciated.

We don't think we'll have it again although it was delicious. It just took too much effort and time :P
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