New laptop third attempt

So following on from my encounter at Digital Mall, I decided to order online but before that, I called Dell to ask whether I could get CDs for the OS and Office. Yes to the former but no to the latter. Well, in that case, I postponed the purchase of Office as surely I could get cheaper price at Digital Mall, right?

I opted for the highest spec of Alienware 14. I didn't add anything else except to extend the warranty to 3 years.

First problem I ran into was a call from Dell to perform some "verification". They kept asking me for my office phone number and e-mail. I told them that I had none of these and that my laptop was my office (being a part-time consultant). I suspected that these questions arose because the delivery address was different to my credit card's billing address, which I did provide as part of the verification. Luckily, nothing was amiss after that call.

I was a little anxious when unboxing the laptop. I had heard people receiving defective Alienware laptops. Although they were rectified quite promptly by Dell, no one wants such trouble in the first place.

So to my dismay, I discovered that some of the keys were misconfigured. For example, the key @ was switched with ", and shift + 3 gave the pound currency symbol, instead of #.

As it was after 9pm (and so technicians were not available to help over the phone), I shot an e-mail to Dell, detailing which keys were misconfigured.

However, later, as I was looking for something else, I saw the keyboard symbol and because of the pound currency symbol, I recalled that I selected UK English as the keyboard configuration as I didn't want US English.

With Ban's help, I managed to retain UK English as the language but I changed the input keyboard to US and voila! That solved the misconfiguration issue lol.

A technician replied my e-mail and his second question was whether I selected US or not hehehe.
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