New laptop first attempt

Few years ago, when I experienced difficulty playing some games on my current laptop (for some, I couldn't do anything once the game started!), I wanted to get a new one but that was low in my priority of expenditure, given my limited income and money. So I planned to do so after selling the house in Seremban.

As time went on, my laptop's performance deteriorated gradually. For example, it takes a good 10 minutes from start up to stabilising at desktop. Then another 5 minutes to start up Excel (I regularly use spreadsheets) and then another 5 minutes to just open an Excel file. Similar starting up issue with web browser. However, it gets easier later in the day after the first start up. At the end of the day, it takes 10 minutes to shut down. Every few months, the blue screen of death emerges.

As expected, meanwhile, there are more and more games my laptop can't handle e.g. Civilisation 5, Path of Exile, Dragon Age. Even the game I currently play, Rift, gets laggy and crashes at least once in a few hours.

I procrastinated in purchasing a new one after the house was sold. I can't remember when and why but few weeks back, I decided to really get going on this.

From scouring the internet, I got to know of the PC Expo at Midvalley Exhibition Centre, 1 - 3 Nov 2013. Since I would be flying off to Singapore on 2 Nov, the first day of the expo was to only viable choice. Besides, Friday was a better day to attend than the weekends to avoid more crow and Friday is a working day after all.

But lo behold! At almost 2pm, all carpark zones were full! This included the premier parking zone. Goodness. If I was not mistaken, there were traffic policemen direction vehicles away from the carpark zone entrances @@

Oh, just as well. I was not feeling great and so headed home for a good nap.
4 Responses
  1. Piko-chan Says:

    Exhibition places are not good for a not-so-technical person to buy PC/laptop. U might have more problems when you have to get things fixed bcos u might not even know where their shop is.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Thanks for your info. I'm aiming for a Dell laptop which has on-site warranty and so that should negate the problem you cited.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    User of Asus A53S, and so far managed to play most of the recently released games, for instance, BioS:I, BA:O, SplinterCell:B, DeadS3, skyrim. Bought it one year ago. Probably there's laptops with better specs in the market now. I'm eyeing PoE, but no kaki. sigh.

  4. Jaded Jeremy Says:,
    My current laptop can play PoE but only for a while before it game freezes permanently. Surely your laptop can handle PoE? PoE can't be solo-ed meh?