Sushi Q

Ban and I ate at Sushi Q the first time a few years back when they were still new at One U. We quite liked it.

It was not really a proper Japanese restaurant. It has packed Japanese food in (presumably) chilled counter where you could peruse and then purchase to eat at a table there if you wish. Soy sauce and wasabi were provided for free but not drinks though, which I tried not to purchase. Sometimes I shared drinks with Ban because it was expensive, given its austere place.

Somehow we didn't eat there regularly. A few reasons: we usually don't go to One U because of the hassle to find carpark space. Secondly, when we meet with friends for meals at One U, we end up at a proper restaurant where we can sit and chat for a while. Sushi Q is hardly such place to do this.

Now with Paradigm Mall so near to us, there is even less reason to go to One U. Fortunately, there's a branch of Sushi Q over there. It serves the same food the same way except that it also serves ramen and udon. I have yet to try the noodle but we had their sushi and handroll.

I loved their sushi. The price is not dirt cheap: RM14.80 (no tax and no service charge) for a box of 6 pieces of sushi, as compared to RM13.89 (inclusive of tax and service charge) at Sakae Sushi. However, their sushi is generally larger and perhaps slightly thicker too.

The downside at eating there is firstly, you have no idea how long those sushi boxes have been in the chilled counter, and secondly, what you see is what you get i.e. you cannot order more if there's no more in the counter (except for the noodle). It happened to us before and we ended up eating at a Korean restaurant (may blog about this next time). So be prepared to use plan B.
2 Responses
  1. thompsonboy Says:

    their sushi is nice and I have been ordering from them for all the meetings

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Oh, I didn't know they do catering as well. Good to know that their food is nice there too.