Nyonya chang, oh how I miss you

Nyonya chang is my favourite rice dumpling. Unfortunately, it's not as famous as the ubiquitous Hokkien bak chang and thus much harder to get. What's worse is that it's even rarer to get good deliciously made Nyonya chang.

Luckily, my mum knows of a lady in Melaka who makes and sells good tasting Nyonya chang. Bad news is that she usually runs out of them at the wet market after 11am. Good news is that mum knows where she stays and that the seller is willing to sell to people seeking her at her house after 4.30pm. Yay!

So recently we went to get a few of them, each costing RM4 but oh boy, it's sooooooo worth it. I hope to make it a habit to get some each time I visit Melaka. Gosh, I better remember how to get there hehehe.
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