Gosh, I thought I blogged about this before but I couldn't find the post. Even Ban thought I did blog about it.

Strange...but anyway...

Ban once asked me if I have psionic power, what would be the first thing I do? Lol, it wasn't hard for me to answer because I thought about it before. I believe that there's a reason why I'm not granted such immense power: the street will be littered with dead people.

Oh, didn't use indicator and suddenly swerve into my lane, huh? Zap! You're dead. Next.

Oh, walk in a group and block the entire pavement, huh? Zap! They're dead. Next.

Ok, ok, ok. Admittedly, as I grew older, I mellowed. I would have let them live but would put them in an awkward position and no longer inconveniencing other people For example, in the first example above, the car, with the driver, will be magically transported in a field somewhere and with the car unable to start. Perhaps will an eerie message of "use your indicator".

So, given the above, what do you think was my first thought when I read news of someone beaten to death for jumping queue? Definitely not sympathy. 'Padan muka' (deservedly so) was what I first thought. Perhaps some sympathy later? None whatsoever.

Dark thoughts, right? See why I can't be given superpower?
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