Jambu air

Jambu air, or rose apple, is one of my favourite fruits. Unfortunately, firstly, it's difficult to get, and secondly, they're seldom sweet nowadays.

In fact, on my recent trip to Penang (drove), I purposely made a couple of stops at rest area to get the supposedly jambu madu air (honeyed version), which I had before. To my disappointment, out of about maybe 12 - 14 half pieces (cut pieces) in a packet, only 1 or 2 are truly sweet. The rest are juicy but bland or mildly sweet.

To my surprise, I saw a tree full of these fruits outside a house near Ban's place (see below). There were many bunches or them and some looked ripe. I thought they could only grow in cool weather and I assure you that KL is anything but cool.

Jambu air 1

Jambu air 2
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