PappaRich Nasi Kunyit

Ban's grandfather likes nasi kunyit and so when Ban's brother saw newspaper advertisement on the food from PappaRich, we made a trip to the one at Uptown.

Since I never had one before, I decided to try it myself.

PappaRich Nasi Kunyit 1

PappaRich Nasi Kunyit 2

Nasi kunyit literally means tumeric rice and so as expected, it was yellow. However, to my pleasant surprise, it was actually yellow glutinous rice. I like glutinous rice every now and then ( e.g. Nyonya chang). It was delicious but its outer layer was a little hard. I suspected that it was microwaved because I saw it being passed from the kitchen in a plastic container to the outer kitchen, presumably to be warmed up via microwave oven.

The curry chicken was tasty and not spicy - something suitable for me :) Gosh, I can't remember how much it cost but regardless, the portion was quite minimal. It would be better if they also gave an egg.

Oh, by the way, don't bother trying their chendol there. Not worth it. See, not even worth a photo here.