Chicken Kebab @Rosemary Bites

Another favourite of mine at Rosemary Bites is the chicken kebab.

Rosemary chicken kebab

Looks substantial, doesn't it? I assure you that it was very filling. As you can tell (by comparing the food to the utensils), each of the 8 chicken pieces was quite chunky. They are interspersed with alternating onion and capsicum, which were also quite large. Mashed potato on the side, with adequate gravy, and salad with 3 kind of vegetables. This was a dish that had a variety of food on a single plate. It was no wonder that it took quite a while to cook, certainly slower than the pasta with aurora sauce.

The taste? Excellent. The chicken was juicy, unlike some kebab that needed plenty of sauce to cover up the dry meat. In fact, the mayonnaise was not needed. The onion and capsicum were grilled just right. Mashed potato was fine and salad was fresh.

How much was it? Only RM20.90 plus 10% service charge i.e. without the 6% government tax. It was a bargain.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looks yum!