Recently, I've been getting increasingly frustrated with my 6-year old laptop. Crashing once in a few hours in MMORPG like Rift could be excused but Chrome loading slower than usual? That's terrible. Excel's taking 5 minutes to start up? Goodness.

It was by chance I read this article: "Top tips to a faster PC" by Britta O'Boyle on Yahoo News. In summary, the tips are:

  1. Regularly clean up your hard drive
  2. Keep on top of updates
  3. Clean the air grilles
  4. Clean the registry regularly
  5. Switch to Windows 8
  6. Add more RAM
  7. Switch to Solid State Drives
No. 2 is not a problem. Most software updates I have are done automatically.

No. 3, 6 and 7 are impossible for laptop as far as I know.

I'll get to no. 5 when I get a new laptop, although I have reservation about Window 8.

As for no. 1 and no. 4, I tried the recommended software, CCleaner (I tried the portable version), and wow, it really made so much difference. My free space increased from about 16gb to 23gb and Chrome now loads almost as fast as when I first started using it. Starting Excel is much better now.

It's easy to use and free. It has good review from CNET editors and users.

Didn't stop the crash in Rift though hehehe but I supposed that's asking too much :)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Windows 8 sucks!