A year ago, I blogged about what the minimum standard I set for salmon sushi by using Kinpachi as a yardstick.

Recently, Ban and I went back there again to celebrate our 4th anniversary.

Kinpachi 1

The salmon sushi (RM8) was not bad but its rice crumbled easily. Yes, the price is steep but as I blogged before, it's difficult to get good salmon sushi here - posh place or not.

Kinpachi 2

The ama ebi sushi (RM18) was quite large, firm and juicy. One of the best I had thus far.

Their cawanmushi  could be softer. Its texture was no different than a normal steam egg.

The restaurant's waitresses were attentive and regularly checked on us to refill our green tea even though we were seated at a small table in the corner. At first, we were seated in a small room (with only 2 tables) that was reserved for non-smokers but we couldn't stand the people on the other table where the lady kept up with her tongue lashing of her grown-up son. Sharp voice, sharp words *shiver*. We requested to change table.

Yes, the price was on the high side but the food was good. Wouldn't mind going there once a while to have one of the better sushi around town.
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