False alarm

Actually, it's not an alarm. Turns out that my lucky break is false :(

My agent said that the (potential) new tenant didn't confirm. He had been quite meticulous in his job so far and hence for this to happen (i.e. to tell me he had "secured" a tenant and yet later fell through) is quite puzzling.

So now we're back to marketing my condo unit for sale and rent. Upon my request, he sent me links to the advertisements he put out in a popular website. I noticed that unlike the one for rent, the sell advert had old photos that were taken when I was still staying there. They were the same photos used for the rent advert almost a year ago which resulted me in requesting more recent photos to be used.

I immediately asked him to use the most recent photos (or at least the same ones as those in the rent advert) for the sell advert.

Hopefully I'll get a genuine lucky break soon!
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