Overwatch: Torbjorn

Similar to Bastion, Torbjorn is also a scourge of newbies. Actually, it is both Torbjorn and his turret and at times, it's only the latter that matters.

His turret is unique because it'll automatically turn and shoot, with unerring accuracy, at enemies that come into view. Obviously that means positioning matters but that itself is not easy to determine because ideally it should be positioned such that it can shoot as many enemies as possible and yet protected from range guerrilla attack. Consider corners and rooms. Maybe even on higher ground but you have to watch for enemies walking up the same way you did to place that turret.

When Torbjorn first places the turret, it's only level 1 and has 150 hp with slow firing rate. With 6 swings of his hammer (when it's at full health), he can upgrade it to level 2 with 300 hp and faster firing rate. Level 3 (800 hp and even faster firing rate) can only be temporarily obtained by using his ultimate ability Molten Core.

Torbjorn's rivet gun left-click fires arching projectiles while its right-click fires shotgun projectiles. Newbies often underestimate the potency of his rivet gun, especially the shotgun projectiles.

Unique to Torbjorn, he can collect scraps dropped by fallen enemies, allies and Torbjorns' turrets. Using these, he can fashion wearable armour pack that gives 75 armour, which is a lot.

His ultimate ability, Molten Core, not only temporarily upgrades his turret for 12s, it also temporarily gives temporary armor and additional health to Torbjorn and increases his attack speed. I often use this to repel enemies' big push, whether I'm there or not. Also, when this ability is up, I can go even further away from the turret (instead of being close by to repel enemies trying to destroy it and to repair it) because I can use Molten Core at a pinch to save the turret if needed. In this mode, Torbjorn is monstrous and the general advice to newbies is to just wait out this period.

Here are some highlights/Play of the Game/Play of the Match:

Quadruple kill (plus a rip tire) during molten core. Unlocked "Raid Wipe" achievement :)

OAM (youtuber) said there are several factors in choosing PotG. One of them is the time close to the end of the match, with some kills. Think this is a good example of it.

In this PotG, I was so tired horsing around with my turret that I had to nap :P

1st time played Torbjorn in competitive match and this was King-of-the-Hill map. Didn't change throughout the 3 rounds. Yes, team won first 3 rounds. Got Play of the Match :) Thanks team!
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