I'll always love you

When I'm at my younger sister's home, I volunteer to read storybooks to my nephew each night before he sleeps. Usually, he'll ask me to choose books that I haven't read. Recently, I read this book:

I'll always love you

I know that my sister chooses books that are age appropriate for her children and so, as expected, the words used in the book are of course simple to me. However, the way it is written and its content itself effectively convey powerful message about showing your love and care to your loved ones while they are still alive.

Although this is not a typical light-hearted children story, it is done in a gentle matter-of-fact manner. It's realistic too, as I'm sure many dog owners would agree :)

You can read some reviews here in Goodreads.
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  1. Twilight Man Says:

    When I was a small kid, my sister read me a book and I cried so much. The mother bird never returned to the nest and baby bird asked the father bird everyday. He could not tell the baby bird that a hunter had shot his mummy. Oh dear, why did they write such books for 5 year old kids as it haunted me until today. Muahahahaha

    So your sister is smart to choose the proper books as it would stay inside the children's thoughts forever.