Leg, kidney, CT scan

Two months after the radiotherapy, the pain in my dad's left leg came back. This time, the pain was a little different (I forgot what's the difference). It started very mild but become increasingly more painful such that he needed to take painkillers 4 to 5 times a week. The pain also started to spread.

Naturally we suspect it could be due to the growth of residual tumour there. We consulted her. After asking some questions and checking my dad, she discussed a couple of options and ended by recommending a CT scan. Since dad was going to have an initial appointment with Penang GH's oncologist in about a week (his aim was to have chemotherapy there when the time comes), she recommended an almost whole-body CT scan so that the results could be used by Penang GH's oncologist immediately (rather than ordering one for an update).

Firstly, she ordered blood test to check his kidney function as he has only one kidney now. Unfortunately, the indicator has fallen from 64 and 53. Hence, she ordered hydration for 2 hours before the CT scan and another hydration for 4 hours after it. The hospital would charge us a full day stay at its ward regardless of whether he wished to stay overnight or not. Since it would be late at the end of it, he stayed overnight and Dr D would see him in late morning the day after with the CT scan results.

This was unexpected and so we didn't make any preparation for the overnight stay. It takes about 55mins to travel from Butterworth to the hospital and so it's not practical to go back and forth. Poor dad.

The next morning, my sister and I arrived and waited with my dad for the discharge process to be completed. Then later, we waited to see Dr D to discuss the results of the CT scans, once she received them.

Good news: there's no discernible growth in his leg and so it's the pain is unlikely caused by tumour. He's advised to tone down his walks substantially e.g. start with half and hour gentle walk before increase its intensity and/or duration gradually. Meanwhile, use Tramadol to manage the pain.

Bad news: the tumour at the lymph node has grown. Dr D said this might be a good time to have chemotherapy given that dad is still healthy and before he experience more pain (probably referring to his leg). So the next step is to see the Penang GH's oncologist, with the expectation that he would recommend chemotherapy. 
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  1. Twilight Man Says:

    All the best to your dad. I agree that chemo is only suitable for tougher patients.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    Thank you.