Atlas Reactor: Helio

Here are the current mods I'm using for Helio:
(read here for details of abilities and mods)

(1) Echo Hammer - Magnetized (1 loadout point)

All the mods are good, depending on your playstyle, except maybe Defensive Conduit as it gives too little shield. Magnetized is great vs invisible enemies, including those who use Fade catalyst.

(2) Blast Shield - Power Share (3 loadout points)

At first glance, one may think that it's quite hard to choose which mod because all the mods are pretty good. However, consider this: cast Black Hole Generator ("BH") on team mate on turn 2 and move sufficiently close to place Disruption Matrix ("Wall") on turn 3. On Turn 3, highly likely Helio can be hit by enemies. Cast Blast Shield with Power Share mod on himself and place the Wall. Enemies hit by BH and the Wall will be subjected to greater damage (because of Power Share) while Blast Shield mitigates incoming damage.

In short, this mod enables this defensive ability to be aggressive as well.

(3) Black Hole Generator - Supermassive / Event Horizon (2 loadout points)

Supermassive is great when there are multiple enemies who can knock back. This is important to ensure the BH+Wall combo is not messed up (if enemy knockback BH carrier). Otherwise, Event Horizon is a decent defensive mod. Gravity Warp seems powerful too but that Disruption Matrix will be unmodded (read below), which may not be ideal. Having said that, I may try this one day.

(4) Disruption Matrix - Completed Circuit (1 loadout point)

This mod is decided by leftover loadout points after choosing mods for other abilities. Still, this is a good mod as it gets you closer to the ultimate ability (which is a great ability). Otherwise, Master Craftman and Electric Fence seems like good picks.

(5) Battleforged - Ironclad (3 loadout points)

It lasts for 3 turns! Unstoppable is a bonus.

Some of the best gameplays I had: (oldest to the latest)

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