During ECT

ECT continued beyond the 6th successful response because the specialist opined mum needed another 2 or 3 more positive response.

After the 5th one, there was a glimmer of hope: there was a small chance that she could be discharged after a week. At that time, she was no longer on anti-anxiety medicine (Lorazepam) but given on as-needed basis. Olanzapine was cut down to 5mg three times daily. Later, she was more "disturbed" at night and so the night dose was increased to 10mg and had to be restrained for 1 to 2 hours during two nights.

There were more "up" days than "down" i.e. she was generally improving. She still had urges to hurt herself but could be stopped easily by nurses or us and so that was probably why she was allowed into the visitor's area.

Later, we learned that it wasn't enough that there was a response to ECT: a certain level of response was also needed. Hence, the number of positive response was extended beyond the minimum 6 i.e. to 9.

Today, when we arrived to visit my mum, we were told that she could go home for 2 nights ("vacation trial"). After that, they scheduled another 2 more ECT sessions on Monday and Friday just to consolidate the positive responses thus far i.e. to minimise chance of relapse. That would be the end of ECT and back to relying on oral medicine. Evaluation would be conducted to ascertain my mum's recovery progress.

At this point, my mum is on only Olanzapine 5mg day 10mg night.

We are pleasantly surprised :) Mum is still blur/confused and a little forgetful but we understand that these side effects typically will be gone within a week (after stopping ECT, I presumed).

Let's hope things will go well during the "vacation" and that she continues to recovery well.
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  1. William Says:

    Yay for the 'vacation trial' and family reunion!