Atlas Reactor: Frontline with triple accolades

At the end of a match, game will show who get which accolade from a selection of 4 accolades. There was a few times I got all 4 and if I remember correctly, that was through playing Support freelancers. I believed one of those times was with Helio.

For Frontline freelancers, it may be possible to get all 4 if there's no Support freelancer in either teams, or the player is bad at supporting if there's one. Still, getting 2 or 3, for any freelancer, is already quite impressive.

Recently, I got this:

Gary triple accolades triple threat

Oh yes, my Garrison got Cornerstone too lol. I believed there was at least a support and so it's surprising. Not only that, I also got silver Triple Threat badge. Amazing.

Then shortly later, followed by this:

Rask triple accolades triple threat

This is more believable. Also, bronze Triple Threat here.
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