Bread baking: cost

Recently, my sister asked me the cost of making my usual bread, following the "sponge & dough method" taken from her recipe book. So I did a very rough costing:

High protein flour
- 1kg RM3.30
- need total 180gm and so cost = RM0.59

Wholemeal flour
- 1kg RM3.60
- need 60gm and so cost = RM0.22

Plain wheat flour
- 1kg RM1.70
- need 60gm and so cost = RM0.10

Organic soymilk powder
- 700gm RM41.00
- need 12.5gm and so cost = RM0.73

- 10 eggs RM5.30
- need half egg and so cost = RM0.27

- 1kg RM2.95
- need 60gm and so cost = RM0.18

- 1kg RM0.90
- need 5.7gm and so cost = RM0.01

- 11gm RM0.70
- need 4.7gm and so cost = RM0.30

Olive oil
- 1L RM23.00
- need 37ml and so cost = RM0.85

Total thus far is RM3.24. I have no idea how to estimate cost of water (total 145ml), electricity for the breadmaker (total 1hour), and gas for the oven (25mins at just below power "5"). If I conservatively estimate cost of these to be RM0.20, then a rough estimated cost of this loaf of bread is about RM3.45.

It can be much cheaper if normal milk powder and oil are used, instead of organic soymilk powder and olive oil respectively. Ban cannot take milk (lactose intolerant) and the only oil his digestive system can tolerate is olive oil. Also, for some strange reasons, I have lactose intolerant at night but never in the day @@. His mum gave us a tin of organic soymilk when I first started baking bread. Since Ban is fine with the result, I just continue with this.

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