Down, cholesterol, down

I somehow must have miscalculated the 3-month period of taking medicine because I finished my last dose recently @@ Gosh, maybe I still have a box of atorvastatin somewhere in the house...

Anyway, I decided to take a lipid profile test again (this time from BP Lab) and the results are:

                                 Apr 2016             Ref. range          
Total cholesterol           3.5                      < 5.2                
HDL ("good")               1.4                     > 1.0              
LDL ("bad")                  1.5                     < 2.6                  
Triglycerides                 1.1                     < 1.7                  
Total/HDL ratio            2.4                      < 4.5

Great results :)

Now that this is under control, the key test will be to maintain it without medication and to continue with the new exercise regime. Of course my usual healthy food diet (less fried and oily food) has to continue too not only because of this but also I'm prone to gastric and acid reflux.            
3 Responses
  1. A Law Says:

    you mean you just took this test right after you finished the atorvastatin?

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    A Law,
    Yes, in accordance to the plan advised by the doctor. I plan to retest after another 3 months.