Bunny loves you

I saw this bot in a TDM match:

Rabbit 1

Rabbit 2

Rabbit 3

I was playing my self-built Double M, in its latest incarnation (the black & red bot above).

The bot that caught my eye was this cute rabbit! Jumped like one too. Pure healer, I believed.

Fascinated, I search the roboshop for it. At first, I used the keyword "bunny" but no hit. I then succeeded with the keyword "rabbit":

Rabbit of Caerbannog

It's called "Rabbit of Caerbannog" by Ketmol. I was told that it was a direct reference to a certain rabbit in Monty Python.

In case it's not clear, the description by the designer is as follows:

"Place missile launcher as a rabbit's tail (req lv 100) and poop on your enemies. Surprise awaits when you take damage." (fixed grammatical error).

What is this surprise? My initial guess was that the cubes inside are coloured red, signifying blood. I am correct on that account but I didn't expect a ribcage! Yes, there is a ribcage inside, made of aerorods. Lol. Genius!

Since it has premium colours (red and pink), I would need to subscribe for premium account to be able to purchase this bot using RP (normal currency_. Alternatively, I can spend GC, premium currency, but I am loath to buy bot that way. Too expensive.

By sheer coincidence, just before I encountered this bot in TDM, I had a 1-day premium account subscription by using a key code from Alienware (and also getting an Alienware bot too). Hence, I could purchase this bot using RP. So lucky :)

I renamed the bot "Bunny loves you" :)

Bunny loves you 1

Bunny loves you 2

Bunny loves you 3

Although it's not a fully optimised bot, it is not a poorly built one either. In fact, you can do quite well with it if you use it correctly. I play it like a sniper: find a sniping position, perch on it and fire away. Retreat when needed but remember to retreat backward to protect your sole weapon. It can take lots of hits. Hop away if needed.

Because of how the LML is positioned, it can sometimes reach enemy that other LML cannot. You still need to be mindful of how you position it relative to the enemy's position because this advantage can sometimes become a disadvantage i.e. it can hit obstacles that your normally wouldn't hit if the LML is positioned on top, front or sideway.

Here's the latest result using this bot in BA:

Bunny loves you 4

7th place if not counting victory bonus. Second highest damage. Not bad for a single-weapon type bot, eh? Definitely ranked 1st in cuteness :)
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  1. Ban Says:

    Bunny loves you is ze best! :D