The Fat Fish

Ban and I normally do not dine in KL unless friends organise a get-together. Just not keen on the whole heavy traffic business :) So when a friend did invite us for dinner with a few other friends, we right away agreed.

One of the guests had been recommending and raving about this restaurant for sometime and so I was especially keen to try it.

The Fat Fish restaurant reminds me of Sydney fish market: fresh seafood for you to specially select and they cook for you. Of course the latter is more in selling the fresh seafood rather than cooking. Moreover cooking is plain and simple: fry :)

The Fat Fish, however, had a variety of food on its menu (including many that you simply do not "choose" the exact fish). It was quite expensive though when considering its price vs portion. After contemplating for quite a while, I ordered garlic cream with smoke salmon pasta (RM25 gross):

Fat Fish 1

Instead of the normal slices or bite chunks of smoked salmon, it had minced salmon. Prawn roe was another unique touch. Frankly, I prefer sliced/chunks of salmon.

It was heavy in pasta and light in ingredient. Fortunately, it was tasty even to the end. Sometimes, I get "jelak" (bored? not sure whether there's a proper English translation) when eating cream-based pasta and therefore would need to take a short break midway. Not this one though.

Would I have it again? Hmmmm I'll try some other dishes...when I feel generous :)
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  1. William Says:

    With everything minced and creamy, its hard to improve on the presentation of the dish.