Barred outgoing calls: Part 2

Oh yes, the saga continues. My friend and his partner helped me to get replacement sim card from a Starhub centre in Singapore. According to a Starhub officer there, my line was active and I just needed to change my phone (as suspected). They kindly waived the replacement fee because my friend came all the way from Malaysia. Yay!

In the meantime, I researched and got myself a 4G smartphone (more on this in another post) and it can accommodate 2 sim cards (yay!). I called using the new Starhub sim card and ... it was the same issue! "Your outgoing calls have been barred" or "Your outgoing calls have been temporarily deactivated". I can still receive calls though.

Spoke with 3 different Starhub customer service officers and tried
(1) Switching on and off the phone
(2) Taking out the sim card for a few minutes and reinserting it back
(3) Cancelling call barring
(4) <I forgot what this is hahaha>

The last officer jotted down details and said she would liaise with the technical team. She was supposed to get back to me ... yesterday :(

Looks like I need to hassle them once again. I hope they don't again ask me to go to Singapore.
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