Debut of smartphone: Part 2

From this list, I narrowed it down to Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace or J2. Although Vivo Y25 is slightly smaller than J1 Ace, it's not availabel on Lazada or Lelong. Also, My sister and Ban had no problem with Samsung after-sales service at their service centres.

Along the way, I did get sidetrack by even smaller phones such as Samsung mini series but the specs were too low for my liking.

Initially, I was gunning for J2 because it was the lightest and had the largest screen-to-body ratio. What made me hesitate was the price difference: more than 70%. To make matter worse, it is no longer in production and so it was so difficult to find anyone selling it. Its Prime version was significantly bulkier and and about 22% heavier!

Later I realised, and confirmed, that Ban's phone is the older version of J1 Ace. He has no problem playing games on it and its battery is ok for his usage. His only problem is memory space but that too it's only a small problem because he rarely takes photos or videos.

I discovered that there are several models of J1 Ace. Based on 4G, RAM and memory specs, I aimed for either model J110M or J111F. Problem is that not many sellers quoted the model number and so I needed to do some cross-checking. In the end, I ordered "Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace VE 8GB (Black)" with near certainty that its model number is J111F ... and thank goodness I was correct! Not only that, the Android version was the upgraded version of what I had expected. Yay!

Next up: sim card & plan.
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