Restless sleep

Well, the latest SPC episode is still ongoing, although I believe it's coming to an end. I consulted the doctor 4 times @@. Just when I thought I should recover 100% any time soon, another problem cropped up: trouble sleeping.

I would have "normal" sleep for a few hours and then just shallow sleep for the rest of the night or none at all. Been going on for few nights already. I thought maybe it was one of the two medicine that was new to me: Carinox (loratadine + pseudoepherine) but apparently it isn't one of its side effects (common or rare), according to several internet sources.

Then I thought maybe it was lack of exercise, thereby cortisol level remained elevated. If this was true, I faced a dilemma: start exercising while still not 100% well and risk falling sick again, or continue with this restless sleep?

The other medicine presribed was dexamethasone. I didn't suspect this as the culprit at first because I had it before and I didn't have restless sleep previously. Out of curiousity, I checked: yes, it turns out it is one of the possible side effects. Hmmm I think it's safe for me to stop taking it for a day or two. Let's hope it works.
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  1. zerachiel Says:

    have more sex, Ban should know what to do ;)