Crusader Kings 2: significant reloads

I started a new campaign recently (maybe 2 weeks ago?) and about to finish it. As with all campaigns (except for a period of madness when I did an ironman campaign), I do reload games when something I tried didn't work out. However, I reload when I know I could have prevented the results if not because of my carelessness or my lack of knowledge.

Here are two instances:

CK2 19Oct17 prelude 1

HRE pressed a claim on France for the Kaiser's heir and won @@. They did it when an underage King of France ascended the throne.

By the time I noticed the war, the warscore was already significantly in favour of HRE. I was busy with something else (can't remember what) and was hoping to finish that before helping France, either by offering to help him defend or declaring war on HRE for a claim on a county (I can't remember which one haha). However, I was too late.

So I reloaded and kept an eye on them and was ready to pounce it if it happens again, but it didn't. Since then, I've been keeping an eye on movement in armies on neighbouring kingdoms.

CK2 19Oct17 prelude 2

At one point, a kinsman had a claim on HRE @@. I checked from the ledger and discovered that the size of my army was quite close to HRE and, if I recall correctly, they were at war with someone else. So I took the chance to successfully press the claim for this kinsman.

Unfortunately, few months alter, that very same kinsman declared war on me for his claim on Kingdom of Wales. Now, although tedious and troublesome, I was fairly confident I could mount a successful defense but I discovered something else that troubled me: that kinsman had no children. Hence, the heir (and pretenders) to HRE was from another dynasty, thereby defeating the purpose of my war in the first place if he had died without siring children.

So I reloaded. From then one, whenever I consider pressing a kinsman's claim that doesn't result in me being his liege, I would check whether he has children already and, as I discovered later, the existing succession law of the conquered land (seniority succession caused me to reload; primogeniture would had worked because the claimant had children of my dynasty).
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