Cycle 4 chemo and...what?

Despite having done so just after Cycle 2, the next oncologist (when we turn up for Cycle 4 Day 1 session) ordered another CA19.9 tumour marker test after merely one cycle i.e. Cycle 3.

Kidney function test stabilised. At least it didn't decline further.

Few sessions ago, my dad's weight was 1.1kg lighter than previous session and so the oncologist was concerned. I had witnessed a patient turned away and asked to take a week's rest because the weight loss was significant. Fortunately, in my dad's case, the weight was still above his pre-leg pain weight. Pain -> less exercise -> higher weight at start of chemotherapy. Moreover, this time, he managed to increase the amount of exercise too. These assured the oncologist, at that time, that it wasn't an issue.

Weight on Cycle 4 Day 1 was higher than previous session and yet this other oncologist raised concern that it was still lower than the pre-chemo weight. We gave the same reasons (and also that my dad managed to again increase the amount of exercise) and it wasn't an issue.

Blood test before Cycle 4 Day 8 showed that kidney function was normal. Yay! However, we didn't see a new red flag that the oncologist picked up when we turned up for the chemo session: a particular liver function test (probably either AST or GGT) was significantly elevated. His reading was always in the 20+ but this time it was 60+ (the upper limit was 40+).

Upon query by the oncologist, we confirmed that my dad hadn't taken any traditional medication. The other source of this elevation, according to the doctor, could be the chemo itself. Unfortunately, this meant that my dad had to rest for another week and redo the blood test. Meanwhile, the oncologist prescribed some supplements to strengthen his liver. Hopefully the results will be good enough for the postponed chemo session.

There is, however, a happy news: CA19.9 level dropped further from 66 to 49. Yay!
4 Responses
  1. William Says:

    Hope your dad will continue responding positively to the treatment, no icky side effects.

  2. Twilight Man Says:

    This is good news to hear.
    My 67 year old friend whom I blogged about with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer has recovered quite well after 7th Chemo!!! He believed the daily lemon juice helped his immunity while getting medical treatment.

  3. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    That's good!