I have now stayed at Butterworth for just over 3 weeks and I will be here for another 2 weeks due to my dad's chemotherapy sessions and my mum's appointments with psychiatrists.

I'm feeling miserable. It's like I spent and spent my energy here but can't recharge. I miss my life and routine back in PJ so much. To make matters worse, I had a few days of bad sinus.

Ban couldn't come with me because he was helping his family taking care of his grandpa who was in PJ for a visit. He still couldn't drive here because he has been experiencing leg cramp recently (the foot that's used to press the pedals).

3 Responses
  1. Twilight Man Says:

    When I had to be a care giver for both my parents, I was drained too. I realised the essential oils that I massaged both my parents daily gave me all the much needed strengths and energy. (I am not selling anything here!) My siblings just got too emo and tired over nothing instead.

  2. William Says:

    Hope you get some 'me' time to recharge a bit...

  3. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    Must have been really tough on you.

    Was quite hard to do that because of lack of car. Fortunately, Ban is here now :)