One stressor to stress them all

Dr N jokingly said that my mum would curse her after taking the prescribed medicine because it would make her lethargic (instead of the current energising mood). However, except for the first night, it made little difference in that aspect:

1st night: likely slept for 10 hours
2nd night: didn't sleep at all but lied to different member of the household in varying degree. Took at most a 1.5-hr nap
3rd night: at most 4.5 hours. Didn't take nap
4th night: 2 hours
5th night: at most 2.5 hours
6th night: about 4 hours
7th night: about 6 hours

Despite this lack of sleep (her "usual" sleeping hours was 8-10 hours), she was still in the hyper energetic mode, interfered in as many things as possible to "help". She felt stressful when people didn't listen to her but, clearly, she didn't realise that her "help" was stressing everyone else. It was like she was out to complicate things in a bad way. Haiz.

An initial improvement was that she was not talking as loudly as before and less commanding. She still wanted things done her way but when we took the risk by standing our ground, she just shook her head in irritation, mumbled something about not listening to her and then left it as it was. However, it was a risk we rarely took. Oh, and also she at least let me finished my sentences when I asked her to listen (to stop her interrupting me with her "I know, I know, I know").

Later, she wanted to clear some specific household chores with us. It was still the same "my way is correct; just listen to me" but one positive outcome was that she agreed to give back (thank goodness!) the responsibility of cooking dinner to my dad (at my dad's request) and not to "help" my sister with the kids in morning (she was undermining her parenting significantly). Ever since that, suddenly, there's some more improvement: she didn't interfere in the kitchen any more (hence the maid could just go on with her job in the kitchen), she acknowledged a certain mistake on her part, and she was receptive to alternative explanation to a certain incident (rather than what she conceived earlier).

The day after the 7th night, she seems...happier? This despite my dad falsely accused her of making their dog yelped loudly (dad!!). She even asked dad to go with her to have breakfast. She seemed fine after I came back from lunch too.

Not sure whether it was the medication or the fact that she let go of 2 tasks that she used to interfered with, I can say there was a marked improvement compared to a week ago. We'll go with her for her next appointment with Dr N (which is very soon) and let's hope she'll continue to get better.
3 Responses
  1. William Says:

    Sounds encouraging. *hugs*

  2. Twilight Man Says:

    This is another good news that now your mum showed some progress too.

    Bring your parents for picnic at the parks with shady greens as I heard they help patients to recuperate better besides medication. It is like going to explore other places for energy and relaxation therapy.