The stick bobbed a little as Miss Level climbed onto it. She patted it invitingly.

"You're not frightened of heights, are you, dear?" she asked as Tiffany climbed on.

"No," said Tiffany.

"I shall drop in when I come up for the Witch Trials," said Miss Tick as Tiffany felt the stick rise gently under her. "Take care!"

It turned out that when Miss Level had asked Tiffany if she was scared of heights, it had been the wrong question. Tiffany was not afraid of heights at all. She could walk past tall frees without batting an eyelid. Looking up at huge towering mountains didn't bother her a bit.

What she was afraid of, although she hadn't reliazed it until this point, was depths. She was afraid of dropping such a long way out of the sky that she'd have time to run out breath screaming before hitting the rocks so had that she'd turn to a sort of jelly and all her bones would break into dust. She was, in fact, afraid of the ground. Miss Level should have thought before asking the question.

- "A Hat Full of Sky" by Terry Pratchett

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