The morning after the visit to the public hospital, she felt better but worsened towards the evening and that continued to the next day. They called me and I urged them to follow the instruction of the public psychiatrist: consult her if mum's condition worsened. Since it was already Thursday, I warned them that they should decide very soon because forgoing a visit on Friday means needing to wait untill Monday.

Later that day, I had a thought and I told my dad: for the first time ever, after the appointment with Dr N, my mum asked me why Alprazolam (anti-anxiety medicine) would eventually be cut off. I explained to her that it was not needed to treat bipolar disorder. It would be like giving cough syrup to someone down with fever. Since then, coincidental or not, her condition deteriorated. Hence, I suspected that she was anxious at the thought of forgoing this medicine in future. I strongly advised my dad to inform the public psychiatrist about this. To help him, I texted him my suspicion, which turned out to be helpful because he just showed it to the doctor. The doctor said the same thing as Dr N i.e. Alprazolam would be phased out.

So this time, they reverted to Dr N's prescribed anti-psychotic medicine i.e. stop taking Risperidone and back on Olanzapine, and added a dose of Alprazolam for day time:
  • Olanzapine 7.5mg night
  • Epilim 200mg twice daily
  • Alprazolam 0.5mg day and 1mg night
Hopefully mum will be back on track of recovery.
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  1. Twilight Man Says:

    It is wise that you texted in your phone as my siblings often did that too. Our hands would be full and heads reeling in stress that the text messages & photos in the mobile phone would come in handy and helpful.
    I learnt that when one has aged and is sickly, their bodies are so unpredictable due to the inability to grasp or keep up the stability. This is the most tiring phase of our lives. Lately I am back to ferrying patients to various hospitals for treatment again and faced the plight of the different patients. This is life.

    Hope your mum will recover soon. Please encourage them to drink lots and lots of water as this is something most patients missed out.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    Thanks for your advice.