Three days after the last appointment with Dr N, my mum started experiencing this:
  • Felt numb
  • Not herself (wanted to scream)
  • Blur
  • Couldn't think well
  • Took time to sleep
It intensified the next day and so my parents asked me to tell Dr N.

After telling Dr N via sms and answering her questions, she increased Alprazolam back to 0.5mg per night and to observe.

Coincidentally, my mum had appointment with the public hospital's psychiatrist (both psychiatrists are aware of mum continuing to see both, and that the plan is to eventually go back to public system fully) and my parents updated her on the latest prescription by Dr N and the symptoms above.

As a result, the public psychiatrist prescribed the following:

(1) Continue Epilim 200mg twice daily

(2) Slowly replace Olanzapine with Risperidone (because they don't have the former). Hence, Olanzapine 5mg nightly for 1 week, then cut down to 2.5mg for 1 week and then off.

(3) Risperidone 1mg nightly.

(4) Increase Alprazolam to 1mg nightly.
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