Worsening pain

After a week of taking increased dosage of Oxycontin, my dad's leg pain didn't get better. In fact, it continued to worsen: he frequently needed walking stick to walk.

Since we were going to Pg GH's early Friday morning to meet mum's anaesthetist on the day she received ECT, I suggested to my dad to meet PCU specialist while I would meet the anaesthetist. PCU recommended radiotherapy but asked my dad to meet the oncologist. He was called to see the oncologist about 1hr 25mins since arrival, just after I met him there after signing the consent form for my mum's ECT. That was really quick: 2 specialists within that time!

Oncologist spent time asking some questions and gave us some information about the limited options (med, chemo, radiotherapy) dad had, along with their risks and benefits. She then went out to consult with a senior specialist. They recommended a single fraction radiotherapy on his left leg but it would be done at Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital (MMCH) even though we would still pay the subsidised fee of RM170.30 (estimated cost was about RM3,300). We were so surprised by this. In fact, there was a proper form specially to MMCH for this. Also, it was scheduled on the next working day i.e. Monday.

However, when we turned up, we were told that Pg GH didn't make appointment for us (as they were supposed to do, as I confirmed with MMCH later). Dr D was on leave but her assistant tried her best to help us get it all done within that day. First hurdle was that we had to see Dr D's colleague and that took sometime because we didn't have appointment. Managed to see him almost 2.5 hours ago. After checking and communicating with my dad, he scheduled a planning scan that day and radiotherapy the next day.

Radiotherapy took a mere 15 mins (similar to the first time) but we needed to wait 1.5 hours for the doctor to issue a letter for us to pass to GH's oncologist. I hope this will help relieve his leg pain significantly without adverse effects.
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  1. Twilight Man Says:

    The radiotherapy would be able to help lessen the pain. His leg might be weaker so you can help massage his legs to stimulate blood circulations besides doing light exercise often. My prayers for both your mum and dad not to suffer anymore.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    Thank you.