Post-discharge appointments

The first follow-up appointment after discharge was scheduled 5 days later. The doctor asked mum many questions. In summary,
  • mum felt frustrated because couldn't do as many things as she used to and dependent on others, but her frustration decreased by about 30% since discharged
  • doctor assured her that it is only temporary as she is still recovering
  • mum felt sad everyday but was sadder when she was in ward
  • doctor consulted with the geriatric psychiatrist and thus decreased dosage of Olanzapine to 5mg day 10mg night
  • next appointment is in a week's time
Sadly, on the morning of the 2nd follow-up appointment, she was caught twice trying to hurt herself with a peeler. Dad persuaded her to take her morning medicine earlier than usual and then later read newspapers and crocheted. Fortunately, the urge to self-hurt subsided.

The 2nd follow-up appointment's (this time seen by the geriatric psychiatrist himself) summary is as follows:
  • she heard voices prior to hurting herself
  • level of sadness was the same as previous week but less frustrated
  • physically, she was better: could do more, talk more, took initiative, less stiff
  • the trigger for the voices + self hurt could be due to my dad's condition the day before (he was in greater pain and was very down)
  • doctor asked her which one she wanted now: be happy or get rid of the voices. She chose the latter because she would be happy if can get rid of the voices
  • doctor maintained the regular medicine's dosage but prescribed extra Olanzapine to be taken when it's necessary to counter the urge of self-hurt, at 2.5mg and at most twice in a day i.e. total 5mg
  • next appointment is in 2 week's time
4 Responses
  1. William Says:

    You're really amazing to be able to juggle all this.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Thank you so much for your compliment. It means something to me as once a while I questioned whether I've done my best or not.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You are a true blessing to your parents and siblings. Not only you are there for them, but you do take the initiative to understand what they are going through, and ensure they get proper medical attention. Undoubtedly, your plate is full, so please do make a conscious effort to also take care of yourself. SR