Wisdom tooth

During my nearly 50-day stay at Butterworth recently, I sometimes experienced slight pain in my back left teeth when I brushed teeth and ate apple from fridge. Strangely, no such sensation when I drank hot or cold drinks.

So the day after I arrived back at PJ, I visited a dentist nearby. After a few knocks and air-jets, we both found a particular spot that caused considerably pain and, it would seem, that it was my wisdom tooth at the back top left. Also, there was slight crack on the tooth beside the wisdom tooth.

The dentist recommended extracting the wisdom tooth and then could have clearer look at the crack on the neighbouring tooth. I was a little concerned because my friends took a few days to recover from such extraction but I was going for a nice lunch and movie later. The dentist assured me that mine would be quick and didn't need "surgery", which was what my friends had (teeth fused a little with bone and so needed to be surgically sawed). Phew!

The most painful part of the process was...injection of anaesthesia (after already applying gel on the gum), which was not any more painful than drawing blood, but was done in 2 separate places. I didn't even realise when the tooth was extracted @@ Yes, it was that painless. There was a slight pressure though, as cautioned by the dentist. He also told me to let him know as soon as I felt pain but that wasn't necessary. Yay!

As for the cracked tooth, it wasn't clear whether it was superficial or deep. I was advised to observe the sensitivity of the tooth, use toothpaste for sensitive teeth (which I've been using) and go back to the dentist if pain persisted.
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  1. William Says:

    Hope it didn't cost a bomb

  2. Twilight Man Says:

    I have 2 left after 2 extracted.
    I went to become a guinea pig patient for Mahsa students.
    They overhauled my whole mouth and did 4 root canals & 4 crowning plus lots more.
    All free of charge and I really saved 10K++.

  3. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Twilight Man,
    Did they do a good job?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Cracked tooth -- most likely you will eventually need a root canal and a crown in order to save the tooth. SR

  5. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    That's what happened to a tooth. I'm hoping this time not.