Cheaper than cheapest?

Dad: Can you check Air Asia ticket on Jan 7, 8 and 9? Look for flight from 10am onward and tell me the cheapest one.

Me: Okie.

(Later, I texted him, saying that the cheapest ticket is on Jan 8, 11.05am, costing RM39. He texted me back asking me to get it. Yet, later he called...)

Dad: You got my sms?

Me: Yes, to go ahead and get the Jan 8 ticket.

Dad: Yes, the RM39 one. How about Jan 7? Is it cheaper?

Me: You asked me to check Jan 7, 8 and 9 and for flight from 10am onward. Then choose the cheapest, right? Jan 8, 11.05am is the cheapest.

Dad: Is Jan 7 cheaper?

Me: Huh? Jan 8 is the cheapest. It's RM77 on Jan 7. You want it?

Dad: Oh, no no. Get Jan 8.

Me: @@
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