Chiew Kee @ Upper Cross Street, Singapore

It seems that this shop is famous for its soya sauce chicken rice/noodle but for me it's always the place to have the best dumpling noodle since I was introduced to this shop about 10 years ago.

Please note that there are 3 shops with the same name: 2 of them (one airconditioned, one not) are side by side and are at the beginning/start of the row of shophouses whereas the 3rd one is a few doors away i.e. somewhere in the middle of the row. I only go to the former.

Chiew Kee 1

Chiew Kee 2

Since the the hotel we stayed was in the same row, I made a point to have lunch there before we left Singapore. Ban didn't come as food there were definitely not to his liking.

The dumpling noodle still cost the same all these years i.e. SGD 3. Amazing. There were 7 or 8 pieces of dumpling (sorry, can't remember now), which was either the same or one less than it used to. However, I suspect they were smaller. Not sure.

The taste was about the same, with distinctive taste of waterchestnut within it. I loved the noodle gravy. The noodle itself was springy. The soup provided was also tasty, unlike the run-of-the-mill kind of soup you usually get.

From my past experience, they served quite fast regardless of the crowd.

I will definitely go there again if I have the chance to do so.
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  1. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Yes, the noodle is wantan mee but with suay kau, rather than wantan